We’re in!


It’s the final countdown


It’s the final countdown


It’s the final countdown



Here’s an update of what’s been happening at the site:

• Building work on the two tier mezzanine in the warehouse
is now complete.

• The security and fire alarm systems are installed and fully

• The final course of wearing tarmac has been laid in the
car park and the spaces and directional arrows have been
marked out.


It’s the final countdown


It’s the final countdown


We’re heading into the final straight of our build


…and we’re getting ready to move over…this will all happen at the very end of December, just before Christmas. There are still a few weeks left, but here’s where we are at the moment…

The racking in the warehouse is fully erected (and we have enough capacity in the warehouse to double its footprint as we continue to grow). The racking is 9.5m tall, there are 10 double sided rows, and each is 42m long. It’s a significant amount of storage! The two tier mezzanine on the other side of the warehouse is also pretty impressive – this comprises of two floors of shelving overall, 52m long, 15m wide and 5.5m high with six aisles of shelving on each level, two staircases and a conveyor belt!

There are 55 internal doors in the building – these have all been fitted and the final decoration work is nearing completion too. This included lighting and a lot of ceiling tiles!

We have feature walls in our corporate colours in the building, and also have a stunning two storey oak, steel and glass staircase in the reception atrium, together with a polished slate floor. These elements will be the last to go in, to help minimise the chance of any damage – there have been SO many people on site at different times, and we didn’t want to risk it!


Work continues…

Work is still forging ahead at the new site and, following a really busy few weeks, everything has really started to come together. The project is still on programme and the last month has seen the start of the resin floor paint in the warehouse, final wall sockets and ventilation outlets being fitted in the offices, the circular base for the revolving door in reception being fitted and the toilets being tiled.

The electricians and plumbers are busy onsite too. The electricity supply cable has just arrived, so that’s a really big step forward – we’ll have electricity in the new building!



A look back through our progress


Did you know?

When the concrete slab is laid, the floor will be out of action for six week. Due to this, the team have been busy in the warehouse at high level to ensure they won’t be held up.