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Goods are only supplied on the condition that the purchaser has read and fully accepted our Terms of Trading

Free Carriage Threshold

The minimum order to qualify for a carriage paid delivery to the UK mainland is £385.00 (NET INVOICE VALUE).

Orders less than £385.00, will be subject to a carriage charge of £6.95 (UK mainland only).

Next Working Day Delivery

We offer next working day delivery on a carrier on most orders placed before 2pm (UK time, Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays).

Orders can be delivered on weekends or before 10.30am or before noon the next day but these services are extra, please ask a member of the sales team when placing an order for details of these service rates.

Free Delivery Available

Free delivery is available to retailers on Trilanco’s van runs. We have our own fleet of delivery vans so you can be confident of efficient and reliable delivery.

International Delivery

We typically offer international courier service via airfreight as this is the quickest and most efficient method of transporting goods overseas and is fully trackable. We can look at other shipping services to help meet customers’ preferences. Customers can also arrange for their own courier to collect orders. Please speak with a member of our international sales team for further information.


Goods are only supplied on the condition that the purchaser has read and fully accepted our Terms of Trading


1.1 Items requiring temperature controlled storage will be accepted to correct a delivery error ONLY. In this case, the goods must be returned within 5 working days and must have been stored correctly whilst on the customer’s premises. A signed declaration to this effect will be required.

1.2 To be considered for return, the goods, must be accompanied by a returns note issued by Trilanco Ltd showing:

a) The name, address and account number of the customer returning the goods.

b) The quantity, description, strength, pack size, batch numbers and price of the goods.

c) The invoice number of the account on which the goods were supplied.

d) The reason for the return.

1.3 The goods must be in perfect original condition, not marked in any way, should NOT show any evidence of having been tampered with, and also carry a product licence number.

a) Goods will only be accepted if they are returned within the maximum time limit (of 5 working days). This applies to goods returned for any reason except for that of product recall. (see section 2).

b) In the event of any of the above conditions not being met, goods will not normally be accepted for return.

1.4 Immediately on receipt, returned goods will be quarantined in a separate, well-defined area, pending appropriate action or disposal. No goods may be returned to shelf stock without the authority of a designated person, in accordance with internal procedures.


2.1 The recall arrangements for a veterinary medicinal product are dictated to by the product licence holder or the VMD and the goods will only be accepted, according to the specific instructions relating to the circumstances surrounding each recall. These details will be specified in the recall letter.

2.2 Goods must be returned, as instructed, accompanied by a return note, as per 1.2, indicating the type of recall and where appropriate, the batch numbers. This returns note should NOT have other products on it.

2.3 Goods must be packed separately and clearly identified as returns relating to a product or batch recall.

2.4 Credit will only be issued by Trilanco Ltd as authorised by the manufacturer concerned and at such a time as specified by him.


3.1 In the case of alleged faulty packaging, the following procedures will apply:

a) Goods must be packed separately and accompanied by a separate return note. Details should be as per 1.2.

b) Goods must be packed separately and made available for collection.

c) Goods returned with faulty packaging will be forwarded, by prior arrangement, to the manufacturer for examination and comment, along with the name, address and telephone number of the original complainant.

d) If the Goods being returned are clothing, footwear, rugs and horse equipment, these will only be accepted if clean and dry, in accordance with health and safety at work requirements. Soiled Goods will be returned to the Customer, at the Customer’s expense. Goods which are safety wear (any type of riding hat or body protector) cannot be returned once they have been despatched unless they are defective.


4.1 Goods will not be accepted for credit without prior agreement, in writing, with Trilanco Ltd, and until an official Returns Material Authorisation (RMA) has been raised by the same. Unless the representative of Trilanco Ltd has official company authorisation, they are unable to collect any such goods.

4.2 Goods supplied in error by Trilanco Ltd will be credited in full subject to them being in resaleable condition and within 5 working days of delivery.

4.3 Goods ordered in error by the customer will only be credited by Trilanco Ltd at its discretion subject to the customer having notified Trilanco of the error within 24 hours of delivery, the goods being returned within 5 working days and them being in a resaleable condition. A handling fee of 10% subject to a minimum fee of £10.00 will be deducted from the credit.

4.4 Goods that are alleged to be faulty will be assessed upon receipt and subject to the manufacturers individual returns policy, will be dealt with accordingly.

4.5 Goods that are no longer required will only be credited by Trilanco Ltd at its discretion subject to them being in a resaleable condition and purchased within the last 12 weeks. A handling fee of 50% subject to a minimum fee of £25.00 will be deducted from the credit.


5.1 Items that have not been delivered within 8 weeks of the order date will be cancelled. Back ordered items will be sent with the next order of over £50.


6.1 The following procedure will apply to any item that is ‘to order only’: A special order form will be sent to the customer for signing. Upon receipt of the signed form we will order the goods. These goods cannot be cancelled or returned.


7.1 Claims for non-delivery or short/damaged delivery must be notified to Trilanco Ltd, in writing, within 24 hours.

Updated 26 April 2018.

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