The original slow feeding haynet, featuring a unique inner net design which incorporates a vertical strand through each hole in the net. Designed to prevent rapid forage consumption, prolong eating time, reduce waste and mess and promote a trickle feeding eating pattern, just as nature intended. Available in different sizes.
Description: Elim-a-Net Pony Blue
Case Qty:  30 In A Case
Barcode: 5060215370010
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Product InformationELM0005PONY BLUE
Product InformationELM0010PONY GREEN
Product InformationELM0015PONY RED
Product InformationELM0050COB BLUE
Product InformationELM0055COB GREEN
Product InformationELM0060COB RED
Product InformationELM0100HORSE BLUE
Product InformationELM0105HORSE GREEN
Product InformationELM0110HORSE RED
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